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74 Unit Redlands Portfolio Under Contract

We love the Inland Empire - one of the hottest market in the country right now. We were able to contract an off market portfolio located in Redlands and will be closing on this mid 2022.

This will be a full interior and exterior renovation, and love it when these assets are in our back yard.


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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2022

You forgot to remember all the people currently residing in those 74 units that you are evicting to do your renovation. I guess we don't count as "outstanding residents" or qualify for "tenant satisfaction," and "superior experience." Perhaps being evicted is part of that "unique resident experience" you speak of. I'd also like to thank Jen for her quick call back regarding my inquiry, but I can't since I'm still waiting 72 hours later. Guess my single question was pretty complicated.

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