Mission Statement

We, at Doug Wetton Properties, Inc. are committed to giving everyone of our resident a superior living experience, exceeding their expectations.   Our positive attitudes, ability to work together as a team, and friendly managers set a standard of excellence.

Company Vision

Our vision at Doug Wetton Properties, Inc. is to profitably own and manage over 1,000 rental units by the year 2015. We want to do something extraordinary with our gifts and talents and we want to give back to our communities through quality housing at affordable prices. History will be the judge, but the script is ours. We are on an adventure to blow the doors of "business-as-usual". We are here to make a difference in the world of affordable rental housing. We are extremely passionate about a culture built on loyal relationships, within our team and the world, that are generated by genuine care, fun, heart, honor and happiness one resident at a time.

Investment Approach

Our investment approach targets full properties with supply constrained, high barriers to entry and built up demand selecting deals from the $2M-$10M range. We negotiate time sensitive escrows for all new acquisitions while providing comprehensive due diligence to thoroughly understanding project requirements with preliminary finance approval to minimize risk. Doug Wetton Properties acquires existing medium-density properties below replacement cost where value can be added through expansion, renovation, improved management, leasing and/or repositioning. We attain the most cost affective financing for acquisition and permanent loans. DWP Targets a total debt to cost ratio of 65%-75%.  At DWP, we provide exellent returns to our family of investors by targeting leveraged internal rates of return in excess of 20% and always under promising and over delivering.

Investor Area

Financial Documents

Investment Opportunities